Jin Shin Do Code of Ethics

Teacher and Practitioner Requirements



  1. Module I;
  2. Module II (Part 3 may be taken after registration);
  3. Module III, or 125 logged experience hours acquired during and after JSD study; include all hours of JSD practice;
  4. Ten private sessions (5 with an Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teacher), & 5 may be with a Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist);
  5. Practical exam: give Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® session to an Authorized JSD teacher; emphasis is on point location & communication skills;
  6. Agree to maintain the quality of Jin Shin Do® including by following the JSDF Code of Ethics. Compliance with applicable local licensing requirements, if any.

To apply for certificate of registration, listing in JSDF directory (on website & printed), and permission to use the names "Jin Shin Do®" and "Bodymind Acupressure®" & the JSD Encircled Tree logo (®): send completed JSDF transcript with application fee (US $50). If application is accepted, annual fee is due the next July 1st (US $75 for on-time renewal). Because of its implicit permission to use "Jin Shin Do" and related trademarks, registration with the Jin Shin Do® Foundation is at the discretion of the director.

US-Canada: Requirements to also become an AOBTA®-CP (Certified Practitioner member of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia): 500 hr. JSDF transcript including: Modules I, II, III, and IV (or 70 hr. JSD or other recognized Asian modality); 100 hr. anatomy-physiology; 8 hr. of CPR. See www.aobta.org Contact AOBTA at: tel. 484-841-6023 or office@aobta.org


Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teachers display gold-embossed certificates of Trademark Licensure, and are entitled to use the registered service marks "Jin Shin Do®" and "Bodymind Acupressure®" and the JSD Encircled Tree Logo (®). A Jin Shin Do® Trademark License must be renewed annually.

To become a Jin Shin Do® Trademark Licensee, authorized to teach the Basic Jin Shin Do® class & the JSD Facial:

  1. Module I, Module II, pt. 1-2 (AND take pt. 2, the Master Class, TWICE);
  2. Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist;
  3. Jin Shin Do® Intensive Teacher Training Program and practical exam at ITTP
  4. Module IV, parts 1-2: Bodymind Trancework; Bodymind Trancework & Trauma; part 3: The "Emotional Kaleidoscope" & Abuse Issues may be taken later;
  5. Total of 300 logged experience hours;
  6. Assist 2 Basic JSD classes with an authorized JSD teacher (or 1 + Basic DVDs: see JSD Product Catalog);
  7. Practical exam with ITTP teacher and 7-page paper verifying understanding of Segments, Strange Flows, Organ Meridians & 5 Elements, and including 3 case stories.

To be authorized to teach the Intermediate Jin Shin Do® class:

  1. Total of 600 experience hours and at least 2 years of JSD practice;
  2. Two Basic JSD classes taught;
  3. Two Intermediate JSD classes assisted (or 1 plus Intermediate DVDs).
  4. Practical exam by an Intermediate Authorized Jin Shin Do® teacher.

To teach Advanced Jin Shin Do® & the Module II classes:

  1. 2 Intermediate JSD classes taught.
  2. Assist 2 advanced JSD classes (or 1+ Advanced DVDs).
  3. Special project of benefit to "Jin Shin Do" and JSDF
  4. Practical test/tutorial (1 per class) with Iona Marsaa, Pierluigi Duina, Grazia Marchese, Katrin Schulz, Deborah Valentine Smith, Cheri Haines or Ron Pankratz.
  5. Take the Master Class (Module. II, pt. 2) twice.
  6. Take parts 1-3 of Module IV with Iona Marsaa Teeguarden or Steve Sommers (or parts 1-2 with Pierluigi Duina, Grazia Marchese or Katrin Schulz).

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